Recruiter Academy

Accelerate your career in recruiting through this fully virtual training, armed with a toolkit full of actionable advice, tactics and frameworks to immediately put into action.

What you'll learn


Learn the tools and tricks to find and attract top talent, with strategies centered on diversity and inclusion.


Understand how to partner with internal teams to conduct seamless and impactful interview processes.


What is an Applicant Tracking System anyway? Navigate the candidate tracking tools used by recruiting teams across the globe.

Hiring Strategy

Optimize your own job hunt, with mentorship, resources and programs to help land an entry-level recruiting role.

About The Academy

Join the OneReq Recruiter Academy to learn the skills and develop the network to accelerate your career as a recruiter.

Each cohort consists of likeminded early career Talent Acquisition professionals with a passion for DEI & recruiting. Our mission is to support the advancement of the next generation of diverse recruiters by providing mentorship, networking, and a full curriculum of marketable recruiting skills.

Applicants who identify as underrepresented minorities are highly encouraged to apply.

Meet Your Instructors

Layne Austin

Layne Austin

Director, OneReq Recruiter Academy​
Layne has been a university recruiter, and a massive intern-cheerleader, in the Bay Area for over 5 years. She's worked in various industries, including Healthcare, Energy, Automotive and Technology. She currently recruits at Salesforce, focusing on MBA recruiting, and is pursuing an MBA herself at UC Davis Graduate School of Management. She's been involved in OneReq since 2018 and loves working with the community.

Michele Tse

Michele Tse

Director, OneReq Recruiter Academy​
Michele is a Recruiting Manager that focuses on early career talent and events at Oscar Health. She’s been in recruiting for 5+ years and has hired entry to senior level talent while building & scaling recruiting programs. Prior to joining Oscar, Michele worked at AppDynamics and Fitbit.
She is an SF Native who made the move across country to NYC. She’s been involved with OneReq since 2017 and is passionate about building community and helping individuals jumpstart their careers.

Course Outline

What is recruiting anyway? Understand the function of recruiting in an organization, and learn about the variations in role, industry and company size.

Module 1: Recruiting 101 

Objectives: Students understand the role recruiting plays in an organization, variants based on industry, location and size, and broader talent ecosystem 


Module 3: Lunch and Learn  –  Q&A with a panel of Recruiters 


Module 4: Recruiting team Simulation 

Objective: Apply learning from previous sessions into action. Understand the intersection between industry, labor market, role and company 


Module 5: Operations

Objectives: Understand how candidates are sourced, tracked and hired. Lay groundwork for good recruiting habits and best practices.

Learn the tools and technologies that make a recruiter successful. Learn from leading Application Tracking System providers and get a feel for managing candidate pipelines and processing offers.

Module 0: Welcome

Objectives: Time to reconnect and build community, settle into the course


Module 1: Recruiting Tools Overview  

Objectives: Students understand the breadth of available tools and technologies used in recruiting. Students understand various use-cases 

Module 2: ATS Crash Course #1 

Objectives: Overview of functionality of ATS #1 


Module 2: ATS Crash Course #2

Objectives: Overview of functionality of ATS #2 

Module 3: Lunch and Learn  –  Q&A panel with a recruiter from the OneReq community 

Objectives: casual Q&A conversation about recruiting, day-in-the-life, and challenges from a real recruiter

Module 4: ATS Crash Course #3

Objectives: Overview of functionality of ATS #3


Understand and practice the first two steps of the recruiting process: attract and source. Hear from talent branding professionals, start building boolean search skills and draft unforgettable LinkedIn messages.

Module 1: DEI Recruiting 

Objectives: Students understand the current landscape of diversity, equity and inclusion in corporate America.

Module 2: Relationships and Influence 

Objectives: Students learn specific skills, actions and phrases to become a trusted advisor to the business and influence decision making

Module 3: Lunch and Learn  –  Q&A panel with a recruiter from the OneReq community 

Module 4: Sourcing 

Objective: Application of sourcing concepts, understand how to execute on simple sourcing tasks 

Module 5: Interview Strategy 

Objectives: Students learn to build an effective and inclusive interview strategy. Students are enabled to influence the structure of the interview to keep consistency. 

Round out recruiting skills by working on interviewing and hiring! Learn how to conduct a polished interview, build and manage a hiring team and understand necessary steps to make a hire. Week 4 ends with workshops and tools to become a compelling candidate for an entry-level recruiting role!

Module 1: Employment Law 

Objectives: Students learn the basic frameworks around employment law in the US. Students learn what is protected, and how they can use candidate data. Students learn the basics of visas and immigration.   


Module 2: Project and Program Planning 

Objectives: Students understand the basic frameworks needed for a project plan or a new program implementation 


Module 3: Lunch and Learn  –  Q&A panel with a OneReq community member 


Module 4: Recruiting Capstone  

Objective: Application of all concepts learned in the course. Ability to share and receive feedback. 

Post Course

Once you complete the course, the support the OneReq community provides continues! Graduates of the program will have access to a recruiting specific job board, a private slack channel for alumni, and continued mentorship and support.


In Partnership With

Delivering recruiting solutions for high growth companies.

Growth by Design Talent is a Recruiting Strategy and Services company, specializing in helping companies achieve growth with quality through a thoughtfully designed approach. We advise on recruiting foundations, place top talent through retained search, and provide recruiting leadership training and development. We’re passionate about building inclusive teams, sustainable recruiting cultures, operations for scale, and iconic employer brands.

Get Involved


The OneReq Recruiter Academy runs four times every year, and the cirriculum spans one month.

Application Requirements:

  • Resume
  • Current University student or within one year of graduating
  • Two short – answer essay questions
  • In 300 words or less, please explain why you are interested in becoming a recruiter.
  • In 300 words or less, please describe your experience advocating for diversity, inclusion and equality.

The OneReq Recruiter Academy live trainings and workshops will be hosted on zoom. Supplemental discussions and network will take place on Slack. Additional asyncronous videos and reading will be assigned throughout the cirriculum.

The OneReq Recruiter Academy accepts applicants on a rolling basis. Apply through the link on this page (above). Our program managers will respond to your application within one month of applying.

The OneReq Recruiter Academy is free for students. We have a suggested donation of $25 to cover the cost of using Slack, but this fee is not required.

Who can apply? We are looking for current students and new grads who are excited about a career in recruiting, proven self-starters, and love working with people. Prior work experience in customer service or working on a team is helpful but not required. Students who identify as underrepresented minorities are highly encouraged to apply.