Who are we?

Rewriting the Code supports and empowers college, graduate and early career women in tech, through intersectional communities, mentorship, industry experience and educational resources, to become the next generation of engineers and tech leaders.

Passionate. Talented. Diverse. Ever-growing.

The Rewriting the Code community consists of members and fellows who share a common bond of having an intense passion for technology and pursue this passion through their college academics. They come from top universities across the country and show their talent through projects, internships, hackathons, and volunteering for good. They are widely diverse in their interests, their skills, and in their backgrounds which make this community such a great place to learn and thrive. The community is continually growing, both in size and in each members’ personal and career development.


Unfortunately, the quit rate among women in computer science is alarmingly high – only 18% of computer science graduates are women and this number has stagnated for over a decade. This is also a significant drop in the percentage of females graduating with degrees in computer science since the 1980’s when women made up on average, over 30% of the graduating class.

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