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After talking with C-level executives, consistently it was a coffee chat informally with a colleague that sparked a breakthrough idea or new career opportunity. Not the formal programs that were both expensive and a lot of work. Yet 90% of budgets were invested in formal programs, leaving informal programs to a "hope and dream."​ We've taken on the exciting challenge to scale + measure informal talent development - helping democratize colleagues learning with each other. We have re-imagined the informal learning management system, building a 21st century tech-enabled approach to an age-old truth that learning happens best through people. Our best practices and thought leadership are shaping the technology, analytics, and implementation of best practices across Fortune 500 clients like RBC, McKesson, Pepsico, AIG. We've just started - you can see some of our work covered in FastCo, Forbes, Globe and Mail, and American Banker or on the stage keynoting at HR, tech, and CEO summits globally.

The Future of Career Pathing

Download the "The Future of Career Pathing" to see what 18 talent leaders from Fortune 500 companies have to say about the the future of career pathing 🤓
Key Insights
  • The top reasons why traditional career pathing is failing
  • The friction points that exist in creating scaled solutions
  • Who should own the career pathing journey moving forward
  • What role HR leadership should play in the process
  • The new rules for modern career pathing
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