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Oct 20
Key Takeaways from our Benchmarking Report

As we head into the fall recruiting season, the URx Team decided to create a survey…

Sep 30
Wrapping Up the Talent Development Program

Read to learn more about experiences of community leaders, students, and employers…

Sep 08
Community Spotlight: Kimmy Lac

Introducing Community Spotlights, where we feature a member of our Talent Community!…

Aug 31
Slack AMA with William Chichester

We caught up with William Chichester, Senior Manager, Global University Recruiting at…

Aug 21
Slack AMA with Charlene (Char) Delapena

We're back for another Slack AMA recap. Last week, the URx Team featured Charlene…

Aug 06
InternHacks Student Stories

The impact of InternHacks exceeded our expectations. 170 students representing over…

Aug 03
AMA With Brittni Lundie

We hosted our very first Slack AMA with Brittni Lundie! Brittni is a Diversity and…

May 21
Reflecting on URx Forward

Motivational. Inspiring. Collaborative. These were a few of the goals we set out to…

May 21
Announcing InternHacks and URx Talent Development Program

There’s a saying in sports. “Go to where the puck is going to be, not where it is. The…

May 07
Quantifying Recruiting Program Value Template

Learn how to quantify your program's value to business leaders.