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Build Talent is a company focused on retained search of technology leadership for high growth companies.

Knowing the Right Time to Hire as a Startup with Aamir Virani, Advisor, Explorer, and President of VSHAD Holdings

In this episode of The Gradience Podcast, Jose Guardado is joined by Aamir Virani, Advisor, Explorer, and President of VSHAD Holdings.

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Building a startup from scratch involves testing the feasibility of your ideas, checking whether they work, raising funds, scaling and getting proof of concept.

All these require your utmost concentration, and you can focus on what matters when there is no internal turmoil in the company.

As a result, you must hire and work with people who are not only skilled and talented but also share your values. These people are those you respect and those with the same cultural alignment.

They cover:

👉 [ 00:05:19 ] How working as an employee in other companies before starting your own allows you to learn

👉 [ 00:09:31 ] Mutual respect is one of the things to be on the lookout for when co-founding a company with someone

👉 [ 00:16:30 ] Test-run your ideas and your products to ensure they work before looking for a big-time investor. Have a proof of concept

👉 [ 00:19:07 ] When bringing someone new into your team, ensure that there’s a responsibility the person is accountable for and that there’s cultural alignment

👉 [ 00:26:36 ] As a new startup, you don’t have to hire too fast, especially if it’s for a task that isn’t pressing or doesn’t require much expertise, because you might not have enough funding to do that

👉 [ 00:30:37 ] As a founder, you must ensure that your teams are comfortable and in a place that allows them to succeed, even after the startup is acquired

👉 [ 00:33:23 ] Acquisition and merger of a startup can serve as an opportunity to learn for the founder of that startup

👉 [ 00:38:59 ] There are different ways you can work in government service. You can apply and join. An example is the US Digital Service

If you are a startup company interested in learning all about the challenges you might encounter through your journey, tune in to this episode of The Gradience Podcast, a Podcast by Build Talent.

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