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Prioritizing Culture with Riley Ennis, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of Freenome

In this episode of The Gradience Podcast, Nigel is joined by Riley Ennis, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of Freenome. Many founders speak to specific actions that enabled the growth of their companies in their respective industries. Some tips might apply in all sectors, while others are specific to certain industries. Here, Riley Ennis of Freenome shares actionable steps that have worked for him in healthcare.

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In the healthcare system, within a space like oncology — where there’s no magic bullet — the team’s expertise, passion, resilience, shared values, common culture, and faith in the project are the major determinants of the project or company’s success. In the same vein, in cases where a hiring firm is needed, the team’s expertise and openness to learning affect how far it might go. Ergo, an investment must be made in both the hard and soft skills of personnel. A founder must also cover all bases concerning the company; invest in research, the team, culture, culture interviews, scaling, and the hiring process, among many other factors that make up a functional and successful company. In achieving this dream company that will stand the test of time while leveraging the wisdom and experience of prospects, there should be a focus on including communication, interdisciplinarity, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence in the ecosystem of the early team. 

They cover:

👉 Building the founding team in line with Freenome’s direction 

👉 Riley’s secret to hiring industry experts   

👉 Designing a culture through culture ownership and shared values 

👉 Culture Interviews; What to look out for when hiring executives and the leadership

👉 Cultural assessment; The selection process for recruiters/search firms/talent partners 

👉 Riley’s advice to his younger self as a founder 

👉 Advice to young founders; health equity in biotech   

👉 The future of Freenome

👉 Developing an evolving legacy; an enduring culture

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