Make AI Your Superpower

In this virtual OneReq Connect, hear from experts at Metaview, Replit, and Knoetic about how recruiters can leverage AI to supercharge efficiency and enhance the human aspects of hiring.

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OneReq Connect: London

We are bringing together recruitment professionals in London. This will be an exciting networking event and an open forum discussion to chat all things recruitment in London and the broader EMEA region. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to share ideas while expanding your professional network.

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Ripplematch is a Virtual recruiting Software that qualifies and sources applicants to create matchups between early career talent and university recruiters, companies and small businesses. Their focus is on diversity, pipeline building and finding talent that accurately reflects the needs of each position.

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CodeSignal is an assessment platform for tech hires that provides a shared, real-time coding environment to predict a candidate’s skill, potential, and job performance.

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