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Upcoming Events

Make AI Your Superpower

In this virtual OneReq Connect, hear from experts at Metaview, Replit, and Knoetic about how recruiters can leverage AI to supercharge efficiency and enhance the human aspects of hiring.


ChatGPT for Recruiters

A look at how recruiters can leverage ChatGPT with content creator Jim Stroud including a worksheet you can use to begin leveraging the technology yourself.


Designing an Effective Keep Warm Strategy

Keeping in touch with your early-career candidates doesn’t have to be overwhelming: with the right technology and a focused strategy, you can ensure your candidates have the best possible experience with your organization.


Featured Events

Dec. 7 - 8, 2023 | San Diego

An annual retreat exclusively for 100 University & Emerging Talent Recruiting Leaders. Two days of executive level strategy development & networking.

April 25 - 26 2024

An annual two-day conference that brings together our community of University and Emerging Talent Recruiters.

May 2024

A three-track conference centering recruiting leadership and teams in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Past Events

October 27 at 10am PT | Virtual Event

Talent Acquisition experts have long known the value of developing relationships with candidates. As full-time offers trickle out, these relationships are put to the test – with months between offer and start date, ensuring a candidate continues to have a great experience means they will be less likely to renege. The challenge has always been figuring out how to enhance this experience, given time and resource constraints.Join our discussion with three emerging talent recruiting leaders who will share best practices, learnings, and feedback around post-offer keep-warm strategies.

Tuesday, October 18 at 10am PT | Virtual Event

Join URx and Forage for a presentation & panel discussion focused on making the most out of your fall recruiting season! UR leaders from Squarespace and Visa will be discussing the common challenges and pitfalls that lean early talent teams face during fall recruiting season and share a variety of tips & tricks to help those teams navigate the season more effectively.