Take The Stage At An Upcoming OneReq Event

We’re looking for speakers who bring a unique focus, new perspectives, and fresh ideas to the recruiting industry.

Across all of our events there are numerous ways for you to get involved whether it be solo sessions, panels and deep dives on hyper-tactical topics in technical recruiting, employer branding, university recruiting, and recruiting leadership.

We produce sessions at our events that will add value to our audience of current and future recruiting leaders. From time to time, we may reach out and ask you to participate on a panel or in some other format than you originally submitted for. We review all submissions carefully, due to a high volume, someone from OneReq will only reach out if interested.

Prior to submitting, please carefully review our Speaker Values and Editorial Requirements:

  • We do not do vendor commercials
  • All session content must be to benefit current and future recruiting leaders
  • Diverse representative panels only
  • From our very first event we have ensured all of our sessions are Inclusive with a diverse representation of speakers

Thank you!

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