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Our Story

OneReq began with URx and will continue with it.

We started with a passionate group of University Recruiters responding to an ever changing world with ever changing needs for innovative, disruptive and diverse talent in the tech industry.

Before URx, each recruiter worked separately on requisitions, often going to tried and true universities and colleges.  There have been those who opted to encourage their companies to be more inclusive by sourcing non-traditional talent pools  or to level up recruiting practices with innovative programs, new relationships and open collaboration. Nonetheless,  each recruiter, in their own corner of the tech world, moved the needle by a bit. In the end, this resulted in some impact on the diversity,  inclusion and forward-thinking of their companies.

But at URx we asked:

  • Where are the recognized standards for new talent acquisition in tech?
  • Where are the baselines for best practices in filling openings?
  • Where are the resources for knowledge and expertise across the industry?
  • What benchmarks and data can I show my company to support my work?

And in reaching further than a quest for any existing “best practices,”

  • What if we dared to establish a system for co-creating “shared practices”?
  • Could we be the rising tide that lifts all boats – at least in terms of our own community of recruiting professionals?=

Turns out we could – Once we identified the key:  Community.

We created an online and offline community for university recruiters. URx entered year 4 with momentum. Dedicated to advancing our practice together and advancing companies with insightful and inclusive hiring practices. We grew this community through a Slack channel, live regional meet-and-greets, an annual conference, weekly check-in calls, innovative programs, networking opportunities and access to tools and resources geared specifically to making our work efficient and impactful. 

By the time Covid-19 hit, URx was able to deploy its community and resources quickly to address the challenges of rescinded internships, remote work, disrupted school schedules and a barrage of legal, fiscal and ethical questions that arose. Our weekly calls, our roundtables, our researchers, our community partners and our networks were all able to offer some real direction during a disorienting pandemic. 

URx is the proof. We are Better Together

Industry Partners, Recruiters, Diversity Champions, Executives, Companies and Talent started asking why there wasn’t something similar for all types of recruiters: a larger community platform which allowed the same kind of value-driven initiatives?

Well, foresight is 2020 and 2020 is the year that OneReq comes to life. With a clear vision of a strong community of recruiters driving the advancement of diversity in the workforce both in companies and our industries at large. Always, with an eye on inclusion, best practices and innovation.  

We aren’t here to read you the rules. We are here to write them with you.  

Our 2020 vision is of a community that elevates every member of the tech recruiting ecosystem, including URx. A dynamic community that may change its outlook and its programs as the needs of our industry change, but always with the same commitment to excellence.  A community built on better data, better procedures, better relationships, more resources, and stronger programs. 

And this is what we will Build Together, One Req at a time.