OneReq Summit | Diversity Recruiting

A three track event centering recruiting leadership and teams in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Fall 2023 | Atlanta, GA

Unique Focus.

OneReq Summit, Diversity Recruiting, brings together Talent leaders and recruiting teams to address the most common barriers to DEI. Through impact-oriented keynotes and panels, you’ll learn best practices for reaching beyond boundaries to develop your recruiting team’s DEI competencies.

Join recruiting leaders and your talent industry peers for an impactful experience featuring inspiring talks, workshops, and actionable insights – all to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion through recruiting.

Setting , Defining & Measuring DEI Recruiting Success

Creating Company wide alignment

Developing & Enabling Your Recruiting Teams DEI Competencies

DEI Recruiting Tools, Processes & Systems

Fresh Ideas.

Track 1

 Change Happens 


Bringing recruiting leaders and teams together to collectively discuss DEI challenges, share ideas and solutions to move our industry forward. 

Track 2

 Addressing Our 


Evaluating our DEI strategies, processes, and partnerships to ensure alignment and progress towards your company’s DEI goals. 

Track 3

 Building Today 

 For Tomorrow.

Engage in a multitude of DEI workshops curated specifically for recruiting leaders and teams led by a diverse group of practitioners, thought leaders.

Building Diverse Recruiting Teams

Defining & Measuring DEI Recruiting Success

Setting DEI Recruiting Goals

DEI Recruiting Tools, Processes & Systems

Developing & Enabling Your Recruiting Teams

Creating Company wide alignment

New Perspectives.

Past Speakers

Hear from today’s leading voices in recruiting and talent, representing companies who are committed to advancing DEI. Past Speakers


Adam Ward

Partner, Growth by Design Talent

Lexi - headshots --2

Lexi Butler

Founder, Sista Circle: Black Women in Tech


Tigran Sloyan

Co-Founder & CEO, CodeSignal


Mamuna Oladipo

VP of Product, Shopify


Flo Thinh Chialtas

Talent Partner, DCVC

headshot (1)

Elliott Garms

Co-Founder, humanpredictions

DSCF0298 (1)

Yordanos Asmare

Head of Global Recruiting, Liftoff Mobile


Dan Radecki

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Academy of Brain-based Leadership

Yoni Lateiner

Head of Talent, NerdWallet


Rajiv Mehta

Founder & CEO, Atlas of Care


Mawulom Nenonene

Talent Consultant, LTSE

Ragini Holloway

SVP of People, Affirm


Jose Cong

Head of Talent, Humane

Katrina Jones

Founder, Advancing Equity + Inclusion


Allison Esposito Medina

CEO and Founder, Tech Ladies


Elizabeth Ames

CEO, Women In Product


Tricia Sitemere

Founder, Ctrl Alt Delete

Sean Page

Senior Recruiter, Propel

Jose Guardado

Founder, Build Talent


Ahmad Wright

DEI Learning & Development, Packard Foundation


Maurice Wilkins

Head of DEI, Fastly

Hasan Rafiq

VP DEI, Newsela

Lindsay Pollack

NYT Best Selling Author

Craig Cambpell

Head of Technical Recruiting, Robinhood


Roslin Francuz-Harris

Head of Tech Recruiting, Zillow

Kimber Schlegelmilch

Director, Head of Executive Recruiting, Lyft

Glenn Newman

Head of Talent & Inclusion, UserTesting


Nicky Garcea

Co-Founder, Chief Customer Officer and Head of Americas, Cappfinity

angelina barretto

Angelina Barretto

, LinkedIn

Grant Clark Crews

Grant Clark Crews


Cheyenne Van-Cooten


samantha Santos

Samantha Santos


and more!


Sessions are listed in Pacific Standard Time.

Change Happens Together

  • 1-1 Networking 9:15 AM - 9:30 AM

    Connections are 3 min each.

  • Day 1 | Opening Remarks & Welcome 9:30 AM - 9:45 AM

  • Featured Session | Building Inclusion into Recruiting Teams 9:45 AM - 10:30 AM

    How diverse is your recruiting team? How inclusive? How equitable?

    In this session, we will discuss the current state of DEI within recruiting teams. How do we compare to the engineering teams we recruit for? We will also discuss strategies for improving representation amongst recruiters and how to make your recruiting teams an inclusive environment so that you attract and retain diverse recruiting talent.

    Jose Cong, Head of Talent at Humane | Katrina Jones, Founder, Advancing Equity + Inclusion

  • 1-1 Reflections 10:35 AM - 10:45 AM
  • Breakout Session | Diversity Recruiting, Identity, and Privilege 10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

    One of the biggest challenges in recruiting diverse talent is figuring out how to call diversity in, particularly from a position of privilege. This session will take participants through the process of authentically owning their identity and privilege, while also discussing the importance of increasing diversity in a way that does not tokenize the very communities you are hoping to attract.

    Ahmad Wright, DEI Learning & Development at Packard Foundation

  • Breakout Session | Overcoming Barriers to Reaching Diverse Recruiting Talent & Maintaining Support for Inclusion 10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

    In order to overcome the barriers to engaging diverse recruiting talent, talent leaders must step outside of the box and explore new approaches to forming an inclusive team.

    But, what happens after you’ve formed that diverse and inclusive team? How do you maintain that culture of inclusion as you support both new and existing team members? This session will focus on key strategies for engaging diverse recruiting talent (inclusive sourcing, selection, attraction, and retention). It will also focus on creative ways to develop your team's collective empathy for each other and continue the culture of inclusion. The goal of this session is to guide you in building an inclusive environment that allows your team to be themselves and do their best work.

    Maurice Wilkins, Head of DEI at Fastly | Katrina Jones, Founder, Advancing Equity + Inclusion | Tricia Sitemere, Founder of Ctrl Alt Delete

  • Breakout Session | Unconscious Bias: Starting with YOU the Recruiter 10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

    How likely are you to effortlessly connect with a candidate that you could see yourself hanging out with? Who has given a resume another look because the candidates’ name, school, or background is similar to yours or relatable to something unique about you? As recruiters, we serve as trainers, guides, and initiators within diversity, equity, and inclusion so it’s important to be aware of our own unconscious bias. In this session, we’ll discuss how to recognize your unconscious bias, the multitude of ways (both positive and negative) it can impact your role as a recruiter, and tools to regularly check and ensure you are not letting it prevent equitable outcomes in your work.

    Jose Guardado, Founder of Build Talent | Sean Page, Senior Recruiter at Propel

  • Featured Session | The Importance of a Diverse Recruiting Team When Working With Strategic Community Partners 11:35 AM - 12:05 PM

    We know that partnering with diverse communities and their leaders is a critical component of any DEI strategy. We’ve curated a panel of community leaders to discuss how companies benefit from having diverse recruiters engage with their communities.

    Allison Esposito Medina, CEO and Founder, Tech Ladies | Elizabeth Ames, CEO, Women In Product | Lexi Butler, Founder, Sista Circle

  • Day 1 | Closing Remarks 12:05 PM - 12:15 PM
  • End-of-Day Reflection 12:15 PM - 12:45 PM

    Reflection with your team (off platform.)

Addressing Our Systems

  • 1-1 Networking 9:15 AM - 9:30 AM

    Connections are 3 min each.

  • Day 2 | Opening Remarks 9:30 AM - 9:45 AM

  • Featured Session | Keys to Strong Partnerships between Recruiting and Engineering Leadership 9:45 AM - 10:30 AM

    How strong is your current relationship with the engineering leaders in your organization? Are you both generally excited to work together or do you dread seeing their name in your inbox? The relationship you have with your engineering managers, or lack thereof, is crucial to ensuring your ability to hire a diverse technical team. In this session, you will explore methods to strengthen your relationship with the engineering leaders within your organization and how to build their trust. You will also explore how to properly prepare yourself to begin diversity and inclusion conversations and initiatives with your organization’s engineering leaders.

    Mamuna Oladipo, VP of Product, Shopify | Tigran Sloyan, Co-Founder & CEO, CodeSignal

  • 1-1 Reflections 10:35 AM - 10:45 AM
  • Breakout Session | Processing Bias One Stage At Time 10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

    This session is for recruiters looking to understand unconscious bias on a deeper level, the ways in which it shows up in our recruiting processes, and the most efficient ways to mitigate it. We will cover strategies for writing job descriptions, creating hiring committees, screening candidates, conducting interviews, in ways that increase the equity of your final decision and the inclusiveness experienced by your candidates.

    Flo Thinh Chialtas, Talent Partner, DCVC | Yoni Lateiner, Head of Talent, NerdWallet

  • Breakout Session | Decoding Culture Fit 10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

    Culture fit is a recruiting mindset that is proactively being replaced with culture add, but do you really understand how to hire for culture add? You will be equipped with tools to shift your mindset from culture fit to culture add as a recruiter and ensure that culture add is not just a change in vocabulary or quota, but an active shift in thought and behavior. The session will cover culture fit bias, positive deviance, recruiting from outside, and the culture add mindset.

    Yordanos Asmare, Head of Global Recruiting, Liftoff Mobile | Elliott Garms, Co-Founder, humanpredictions

  • Breakout Session | Enabling Recruiters and Recruiting Teams by Illuminating the Threads of Connection and Wellbeing 10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

    To nurture cultures of equity, inclusion, and belonging in diverse communities you must help people see and appreciate their commonalities and differences. This begins by people knowing themselves, recognizing their impacts on each other, and having a common language to talk about their various experiences and perspectives. Aptitude in this area is doubly important for those in the recruiting profession as the very nature of the role involves engaging with people at a human level and maintaining empathy while engaging with those same people as rows on a spreadsheet or a name on a resume. Rajiv and Lexi will explore the work of nonprofit Atlas of Care, which has developed a novel approach called Mapping Ourselves. Rather than “big science”, they focus on human-scale personal science. And, rather than emphasizing the individual, on only knowing yourself, they acknowledge our interconnected lives by emphasizing collective self-reflection and seeing the complex interactions that influence wellbeing and belonging. A wide range of people, from social activists, to health professionals, professors, and business leaders, have universally found this powerful. The experience has deepened individual learning and increased social capital. Rajiv and Lexi will describe what Mapping Ourselves is, how it came to be, the impact it has had, and how recruiting leaders can apply this approach to their teams.

    Rajiv Mehta, Founder & CEO, Atlas of Care | Lexi Butler, Founder, Sista Circle: Black Women in Tech

  • Breakout Session | Enhancing DEIB through Psychological Safety 10:45 AM - 11:30 AM

    The foundation of this session is what we all have in common – the brain. Understanding how it influences our perceptions, thinking and behaviors unifies us as humans and gives us a new, more compassionate lens with which to view ourselves and others. Neuroscientist and brain-based leadership expert Dr Dan Radecki will unpack why D&I training that only treats the symptoms doesn’t work, and why addressing bias and fostering psychological safety at its neurological roots offers exciting possibilities for building authentically inclusive cultures where both visible and invisible diversity are embraced and nurtured.

    Dan Radecki, Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Academy of Brain-based Leadership

  • Featured Session | Effectiveness of the "Rooney Rule" in Tech Recruiting 11:35 AM - 12:05 PM

    The Rooney Rule is an NFL policy that requires every team in the league to interview at least one ethnic minority candidate for a head coach or senior leadership vacancy. How effective do we think it would be to apply this rule in tech recruiting? What if tech companies required at least one ethnic minority be interviewed for all leadership positions, including recruiting roles? Do you think this would be effective? In this session, we will answer the questions above and more. We will explore how effective the Rooney Rule has been in the NFL and what aspects of the rule, if any, can be applied to the tech recruiting industry. We will also dive into how to avoid passive diversity quotas and just ‘checking boxes’ within diversity and inclusion.

    Adam Ward, Partner, Growth by Design Talent | Mawulom Nenonene, Talent Consultant, LTSE

  • Day 2 | Closing Remarks 12:05 PM - 12:15 PM
  • End-of-Day Reflection 12:15PM - 12:45 PM

    Reflection with your team (off platform.)

Building Today for Tomorrow

A festival style full-day conference where OneReq provides “stages” for practitioners, thought leaders, and professionals from across the DEI recruiting industry to share their ideas and best practices as it pertains to inclusive hiring. More workshops to come!


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