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Best Practices to Offboard Your Remote Interns

We recently caught up with our Community Partner Symba to discuss off-boarding all of our lovely remote summer interns!
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Here are our top three key takeaways from the session

1. Make sure to collect feedback.

Take the time to design your feedback collection process and determine what feedback is important for you to track so you can analyze the data collected and make improvements on your program and processes.

2. Build long-lasting relationships.

Take the time to celebrate your interns and acknowledge all the amazing work they have done for your organization and create a plan for engagement post-internship.

3. It’s time for recognition.

Take the time to appreciate your managers, mentors and most importantly, you and as a group find a way to learn, iterate and rebuild.

Full deck from the live session can be found here

About Symba

Symba is a comprehensive internship management platform that helps organizations manage the logistics of an internship program from onboarding to offboarding.

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