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Making the most of the URx Global Leaders Summit

3 quick tips to make the most of attending the URx Global Leaders Summit presented by Cappfinity.

Tomorrow is our First Annual URx Global Leaders Summit and I can’t contain my excitement. University Recruiting within a company can be incredibly isolating especially for those leading the function. You rarely have peers within your organization to brainstorm and tackle problems with. We’ve designed the Leaders Summit experience with that in mind. Below are 3 things we think will help our attendees make the most of the experience. 

Share & Engage

The Leaders Summit is not your typical virtual event. Every single session is meant to be interactive and the majority are discussion topics where you drive the direction as an attendee. You have the opportunity in every session to ask insightful questions and engage with fellow attendees. You can do this by joining the live stream or utilizing the session specific chat. The more we share & engage, the more impactful the sessions become for everyone.

Make Connections 

We’ve talked about how isolating UR leadership can be but it does not have to be. The summit is an opportunity to learn about your peers across different companies beyond who they work for and what their challenges are. Let us breakdown silos, we are in a collaborative industry. Take a moment to hop into the networking sessions and spend some time getting to know each other. 

Grow Relationships 

Speaking of connections, the majority of our attendees are members of the OneReq Talent Acquisition Community. If you aren’t, we encourage you to join so you can grow the relationships we know you will create during the summit. We have a private group specifically for UR Leaders. Think of the community as a phenomenal xfn teammate who shares your passion for recruiting, understands the challenges you face, and is eager to support your success!

URx Global Leaders Summit

If you have not yet registered, click here to register today. For all event related related inquiries, please email us at hi [at]

About our Presenting Sponsor Cappfinity

Cappfinity is the world leader in strengths-based assessment, providing award-winning recruitment and development solutions for organizations across the globe. Founded in 2005 by Dr Alex Linley, a leading expert in positive psychology, and Nicky Garcea, occupational psychologist, we bring together strengths expertise, data, innovation and human experience to assess and develop capability, fit and potential. Our teams in the UK, US, Australia and Ireland are proud to be working with more than 150 organizations and over 5 million individuals in service of our shared purpose –strengthening the world.

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