Tag: URx Leaders Summit 2020

Feb 17
Building Relationships and Creating Cross-Functional Partnerships as a UR Leader

Building strong xfn relationships internal is key to success as a UR Leader. Watch this session featuring UR Leaders at Netflix, Twitch and Paylocity on the topic.

Dec 22
Accelerating Change: Lessons learned from the first wave of virtual recruitment

Cappfinity Co-founder, Nicky Garcea and Author, Lindsey Pollak is joined by Jada Green of Accenture for a keynote presentation at URx Leaders Summit 2020 reflecting on the digital transformation that has taken place over the last six months.

Dec 10
Crafting a Blueprint for the Future as UR Leaders

UR Leaders from CrowdStrike and Palo Alto Networks share their thoughts around creating a roadmap in a role with ever changing priorities.

Dec 10
There’s No ‘I’ in Team: Building and Scaling with a Team of One

In this discussion, we will share best practices about maximizing time and impact for a 1-person team to build the foundation for University Programs or new program initiatives.

Dec 09
2020 :: The Student Perspective

Keeping touch with the perspective of our candidates, in this case students is fundamental to making sound strategic & process decisions. Watch this session to stay in touch with the reality of those our decisions impact.

Dec 09
Designing a Winning Remote Internship Experience

Lessons & Stories from Symba Cofounders as well as UR Leaders at Robinhood, CBS Interactive, and MGM International Resorts

Dec 09
Early ID Programs for Sophomores

Early ID is more than a program, it’s a mindset. Join this session to hear about leveraging early ID programs to attract and secure talent as early as sophomore year.

Dec 07
Making the most of the URx Global Leaders Summit

3 quick tips to make the most of attending the URx Global Leaders Summit presented by Cappfinity.