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Reflecting on URx 2018

Looking back on an amazing second year and looking forward on to whats next.

I’ve been wanting to publish this for the last couple of weeks but wanted to take the time to review all the comments and feedback submitted from #URx2018.

(For those interested in submitting feedback, it’s not too late. Check your email or send a note to team@urxconference.com.)

I’ve been humbled by all the overwhelmingly positive responses received since we wrapped up the conference. The three things that excite me most are the following:

  • 44 of 50 respondents would recommend URx
  • 58% of survey respondents rated the conference content 8 or above
  • 62% of respondents attended the conference primarily for Content: Best Practices Benchmarking
We kicked off the conference with a fireside chat with Pinterest Recruiting Executive, Adam Ward

The three points above are certainly awesome but, as I consider #URx2019, there is plenty of room for improvement. I took note of the trend in things that folks felt could have been better.

#URx2018 simply became way bigger than I ever anticipated! A great problem to have, but not one I ever expected having given three years ago it was just an idea of bringing together 30–50 people who wanted an opportunity to connect and learn from other passionate talent professionals. So how do we top #URx2018? What’s next?

My bets on Char taking more selfies during URx 2019.

I am excited to share that Charlene Delapena has agreed to be the #URx2019 Conference Chair! Char brings a wealth of UR experience, relationships, and as most of you know was instrumental in this year’s conference. Char will be putting together a conference organizing committee made up of community members representative of perspectives across experience, industry, company size, and geography.

My main goal, from a content perspective, is to develop distinct tracks. These would include role (Recruiting Managers, University Recruiters ,Employer Relations etc), content and best practices presented from a variety of company sizes and programs with varying budgets.

Finally, I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who attended #URx this year especially all of our speakers, and volunteers.

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