Tag: URx Conference

Jun 05
Nurturing Gen Z’s Workplace Well-Being

From URx Conference 2024. Learn how MongoDB is flipping the script on workplace well-being for their interns through the Bloom initiative and how you can create and implement a similar strategy.

May 31
Envisioning Our Work Ahead: DEI Focused Organizations and Leaders

From URx Conference 2024, join Forte Foundation to identify tangible and actionable steps for advancing DEIB and how we explore strategies moving forward.

May 31
Building Better Employer Engagements Through Career and DEI Collaboration

From the 2024 URx Conference. Susan Brien & Karis Boyd-Sinkler discuss Building strategic relationships with employers and how critical it is for connecting students to opportunities while showcasing the strengths of a university.

May 31
Building Successful Campus Partnerships

From URx Conference 2024. GeoComply walks through how they have strategically built strong relationships with student clubs and organizations that support DEI and equity-deserving groups.

May 31
Enhancing Quality of Hire through ChatGPT

From URx Conference 2024. Refine your recruitment strategy and discover how to leverage ChatGPT to optimize job descriptions, create success profiles, standardize interviews, and craft evaluation rubrics.

May 31
Strong Recruiting Partnerships are Good for Everyone’s Business

From URx COnference 2024. A dynamic conversation between representatives from industry, campus, and a workforce non-profit organization as they unpack what successful talent recruiting partnerships look like, where to find them, and how they can benefit your firm’s bottom line.

May 31
Building Bridges: Cultivating Inclusive Cultures and Retaining Underrepresented Talent

From the 2024 URx Conference. In today's diverse workplace landscape, fostering an inclusive culture isn't just a moral imperative—it's also essential for organizational success.

May 31
Strengthening Technical Talent Acquisition: A Collaborative Approach with Engineering Leaders

From URX Conference 2024. Gain invaluable insights from industry experts and practitioners who have successfully leveraged collaboration with engineering leaders to recruit and onboard exceptional technical talent.

May 31
Generative AI Unveiled: Transforming Recruitment and Ethical Career Development Practices

From URx Conference 2024, delve into the transformative possibilities of generative AI and stay ahead in the evolving landscape of recruitment and career development practices.

May 31
From Skeptics to Allies: Masterclass for Strategies to Secure Stakeholder Buy-In

From URx Conference 2024, insights and strategies for effectively gaining support and alignment for campus recruiting initiatives.