Category: Recruiting Operations

Jun 08
The Recruiter’s Journey with Gia Scinto, Partner at Launch Search Partners / Expert at Y Combinator

In this episode of The Gradience Podcast, Nigel is joined by Gia Scinto, Partner at…

May 18
Direct Reports on an Interview Panel

Asking direct reports to interview their potential new leader. We’ve seen a few…

May 08
Planning for the Future: How to Build Lasting Programs

Before you arrive on campus, there are so many aspects that need thoughtful…

Apr 16
Keys to Strong Partnerships between Recruiting and Engineering Leadership

From the OneReq Summit: DEI In Recruiting. A deep dive into the critical partnership…

Mar 08
Acquiring your dream team with Evan Walden, Co-Founder & CEO of Getro

In this episode of The Gradience Podcast, Nigel is joined by Evan Walden, Co-Founder &…

Feb 01
Referral Program Guide

Referrals can be a recruiting team's best friend and arch nemesis. Check out this…

Jan 21
4 Key Steps to Building Your First Recruiting Analytics Dashboard

A recap of the key steps and a few resources to help you get started with your first…

Dec 09
Designing a Winning Remote Internship Experience

Lessons & Stories from Symba Cofounders as well as UR Leaders at Robinhood, CBS…

Dec 09
Early ID Programs for Sophomores

Early ID is more than a program, it’s a mindset. Join this session to hear about…

Jul 10
New Recruiter On-boarding Template

An 30/60/90 goal based onboarding template for new recruiters.