Tag: URx Leaders Summit 2021

Dec 13
Building Teams and Strategies for Long-Term Success

The Featured Keynote at the 2021 URx Leaders Summit. RippleMatch CEO Andrew Myers sits down with four leaders crafting the future of their programs. Featuring leaders from eBay, Anheuser Busch, and Chewy.

Dec 13
In Conversation with HBCUs

A wide ranging conversation from the 2021 URx Leaders Summit on all things related to recruiting at HBCUs with Leonelle Thompson (Langston University), Melissa Knight (Howard University) and Lavonya Jones (Morehouse College). Moderated by OneReq Founder Wahab Owolabi.

Dec 12
Making DEI a Priority on Your Team

From the Leads track of URx Leaders Summit 2021. Join a conversation centering on making diversity equity and inclusion a priority on your team.