Building a Virtual Internship Program

Covid-19 created an unprecedented situation around the globe that forced many individuals to abruptly transition from a traditional office environment into a completely virtual and distributed system. Hear from the Splunk team on how they transitioned to hosting a fully virtual internship program.
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Moderator Highlights

  • Approach to building an impactful, fulfilling, and fun splunktern experience: Culture, Development, and Performance & Productivity. 
    • Culture: Being able to build a social calendar around community building, engagement opportunities, and chances to network. For example, for Splunk’s Virtual Project Showcase, intern’s final projects were posted to the company’s internal website to recognize their amazing work! Another great community building opportunity is creating an Intern Yearbook.
  • “Generation Z want multiple check-ins from their manager during the week; of those, 40 percent want the interaction with their boss to be daily or several times each day.” – The Center For Generational Kinetics
  • Takeaways:
    • Turn Data into Doing
    • Stay Connected
    • Lead with Empathy