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Leveraging Candidate Data & Community Insights in student recruiting

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From the 2022 URx Leaders Summit. Community Partner Rewriting the Code on How community insights helped eBay score the winning bid with student recruiting.
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Rewriting the Code (RTC) has built the largest peer-to-peer network for 17,000+ women for undergraduate, graduate, and early career women in tech. RTC paves the way for sustainable careers, professional advancement, and equal opportunities for the next generation of tech leaders.

Key Takeaways

In Spring 2022, Rewriting the Code (RTC) surveyed their interns to ask about their recruiting experiences. They received responses from 1,222 students hailing from 287 schools. These students were spread across the country and worked at 546 companies.

The subsequent Case Study featuring eBay digs into;

The goal: Use data to reinforce recruiting team’s message that early engagement is critical to recruiting success.

The change: Leverage RTC data as a proof point on why emerging talent needed decisions on hiring allocations.

The result: More highly-qualified women in the pipeline, higher candidate interest, and increased conversions.

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About The Speakers

Lucille Tasker (she/her) is passionate about numbers and community. Lucille joined Rewriting the Code (RTC) as a student while pursuing her undergraduate degree in Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Rewriting the Code is a national nonprofit dedicated to retaining college women in technology majors in order to increase women in technology careers. She, like many RTC members, was one of a small group of women studying Computer Science in her graduating class. RTC played an integral part in the success of her collegiate experience and eventually helped her land a Product Management job after graduating.

Because of this experience, Lucille is uniquely positioned to help college and early-career women find personal, academic, and professional success. Lucille now serves as Director of Data and Technology at Rewriting the Code. Her goal is to leverage data insights to prove the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the technology space.


Anoushka Gupta (she/her) is currently a Data Intern for Rewriting the Code, where she helps support RTC’s mission to empower the next generation of female technology leaders, and a student at the University of California, Berkeley. Prior to Rewriting the Code, she worked in a myriad of roles within start-up, non-profit, and consulting spheres and seeks to one day pursue a career at the intersection of data, people, and social impact. 

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