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Virtual Fall OCRs…Again

Virtual info sessions, career fairs, workshops and interviews. Hear from Hubspot, KraftHeinz, Lyft and Robinhood on how they managed virtual OCRs in 2020 and what they have planned for fall 2021.
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URx Conference 2021: Moderator Highlights

  • Smaller groups (breakout sessions for zoom panels) – more face to face interaction
  • Less is more – smaller number of virtual events, but increase quality of content / thought put into each individual event
  • Traditional in person presentations don’t translate well -> need to be more interactive, allow for more practical / tangible benefits (ie. workshops, mock interviews)
  • Partner closely with your university partners! Be in line with academic calendars; determine what student’s needs are (they are constantly changing especially with a virtual environment)
  • Invest in technology to make sure your tools are setting you up for success internally
  • Panels typically had the most student engagement
  • Partnering with classes to do case study (again touching on practical benefits) – makes you stand out from other companies because students receive real life hands on experience
  • Tracking how many invites to get to a goal of hires – make sure events are meaningful by tying in ROI, working backwards and making sure you are intentional with sourcing / promoting events
  • Overall themes of creativity, flexibility, adaptability

About The Speakers

Global UR Team Lead, HubSpot
HR Lead, Global IT & GBS, KraftHeinz
Early Talent Recruiting Manager, Lyft
University Recruiter, Robinhood

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