We build community, events, and programs for the recruiting industry. 

One Mission.

To build a diverse and inclusive workforce for everyone.

Recruiting leaders at companies of every size from new startups to public companies partner with us to drive change through talent acquisition.

“We designed our Talent Community to be Open, Courageous and Committed. ”

Wahab Owolabi

One Community.


Open to collaboration. We are not going to be able to make any impactful change if we don’t share data, and we are not going to make any change at scale if we don’t learn from each other as companies. Our community is open to new ideas, creating benchmarks for each other, and sharing resources to elevate our mission.


Courageous enough to advocate, push and speak up for our own companies to be inclusive and eliminate bias and grow. That’s what the best of us do. And then, we are courageous enough to step forward and offer our best individual insights to the community in order to write the rules for tech recruiting. That’s how we all change the game together.


Committed to this community and this work. To Shared Practices not just Best Practices. To work on impacting the entire tech industry through the touchpoints of recruiting, developing and retaining great talent.

We began with URx.

Our success in mobilizing the University Recruiting industry led us to a realization: As a community, we can accomplish more together than we can individually.


Helping leaders make an impact through talent acquisition is our “Req”. It’s evergreen.

The mission is always the same.

Let’s Build Together. OneReq at a time.