Cappfinity is the world leader in strengths-based assessment, providing award-winning recruitment and development solutions for organisations across the globe. Founded in 2005 by Dr Alex Linley, a leading expert in positive psychology, and Nicky Garcea, occupational psychologist, we bring together strengths expertise, data, innovation and human experience to assess and develop capability, fit and potential. Our teams in the UK, US and Australia are proud to be working with more than 150 organisations and over 5 million individuals in service of our shared purpose –strengthening the world.

The Capptivate Experience

Our proprietary strengths assessments level the playing field to find hidden and diverse talent from anywhere and everywhere – as proven over 15 years.
  • Assessment that looks and feels like you – leveraging your brand.
  • Engaging candidate experiences – inclusive and bias-free.
  • Data, insights and reports that deliver actionable results – for candidates and companies.


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