Get Ready, URx Conference is back In Person Spring 2024!

Tag: Diversity & Inclusion

Dec 13
In Conversation with HBCUs

A wide ranging conversation from the 2021 URx Leaders Summit on all things related to recruiting at HBCUs with Leonelle Thompson (Langston University), Melissa Knight (Howard University) and Lavonya Jones (Morehouse College). Moderated by OneReq Founder Wahab Owolabi.

Dec 12
Leveraging Your Resources to Create a Diversity Equity & Inclusion Strategy

From the URx Leaders Summit 2021 Managers Track.

Dec 12
Making DEI a Priority on Your Team

From the Leads track of URx Leaders Summit 2021. Join a conversation centering on making diversity equity and inclusion a priority on your team.

Dec 12
Weaving DEI into Every Piece of the Puzzle

From the Program Managers & Leads track of URx Leaders Summit 2021. A discussion featuring managers from MongoDB, Smartsheet, and Workday on how they ensure DEI is at a core of all they do.

May 31
Solving Pain Points of the Recruitment Process that impact Candidate Experience

Join Jehron Petty (Founder & CEO of ColorStack, Cornell CS graduate) and Connie Huff (University Recruiter at McKesson) for a conversation centered around what students hate most about the recruiting process — and a live brainstorm session on ways to improve candidate satisfaction.

May 24
Recruiting the Rainbow

URx Conference 2021: Sourcing diverse talent is a challenge. LGBTQ+ talent is no exception. In many cases it can be more difficult to find these candidates due to stigma, fear and a lack of resources. In this presentation we will cover the best approaches to locating and utilizing LGBTQ+ talent pools to pull from a diverse group with intersectionality across race, gender identity, veteran status, age and more.

May 24
How Peloton Ensures Their Hiring Process is Fair

This session focuses on Peloton’s approach to DEI, and how they create a consistent hiring bar and establish a more inclusive candidate hiring process. We’ll discuss their top data points that help candidates build confidence in the company, why these data points are important, and examine fairness in assessments in more detail.

May 24
URx21: Student Panel featuring ColorStack and Rewriting the Code

A staple at every URx Conference, gain insights directly from the students you recruit.

May 24
How we created an Inclusive Environment for our New Hires

Wanting to make sure you create an environment where your new hires feel supported and a sense of belonging? Hear from Revantage, Chevron, Twitter and USAA on how they've built an inclusive environment for their new hires.

Apr 07
URx Year 5 (Part 2)

Creating a New System for University and Early Career Recruiting. In part 1, I talked about the changing role of UR Leaders and teams and what that means for the current system as the early career recruiting industry continues to evolve. Now let's focus on the system.