Tag: Interviewing

May 24
Designing Batch Interview Days for Intern Hiring

The session will provide specific details, preparation, execution, and outcome summary of "sell/batch" interview day(s) that Zwift created to efficiently hire our Summer Zwifterns (Interns) into a 12-week program.

Nov 12
Shopify’s Life Story Interview: Discovering Potential in Early Talent

Whether someone was a valedictorian or a high school drop-out, there is a broad spectrum of life experiences that candidates have grown through that can show our interviewers whether someone is the right match for Shopify.

Nov 10
Batch Week Technical Interviewing In University Recruiting

One of the many joys of University Recruiting season is a big uptick in interview volume. This can lead to burnout amongst the engineers conducting the interviews, and we know cranky engineers make for bad candidate experiences! Using a batch week process can be a solution to interview overload.

May 12
Conducting Remote Interviews Successfully

Conducting Remote Interviews Successfully CAROLYNN CHOI, University Technical Recruiter, SquareINBAR GAM, University Recruiting Program Manager, DatabricksNURAY MOLLA, Sr. Recruiter, University Recruiting, TeslaPAUL BAUER, University Recruiter, Tableau SoftwareTIGRAN SLOYAN, Co-Founder & CEO, CodeSignal