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Feb 01
Referral Program Guide

Referrals can be a recruiting team's best friend and arch nemesis. Check out this template for driving a referral program.

Dec 13
In Conversation with HBCUs

A wide ranging conversation from the 2021 URx Leaders Summit on all things related to recruiting at HBCUs with Leonelle Thompson (Langston University), Melissa Knight (Howard University) and Lavonya Jones (Morehouse College). Moderated by OneReq Founder Wahab Owolabi.

May 26
Scholarships – Encouraging Students from Underrepresented Communities to Consider Careers in your Industry

Learn more about how the Charles Schwab Foundation partnered with seven universities across the US to help increase underrepresented groups in Financial Planning.

May 26
Building Talent Pipelines for Women of Color

Did you know only 7% of organizations have targeted efforts that focus on gender and race? Forward thinking organizations have an opportunity to be intentional in building the diversity pipeline by focusing on the intersectional experience. In this engaging program, Chelsea C. Williams, Founder & CEO of College Code, will support talent practitioners in building the talent pipeline for women of color through conscious candidate attraction, sourcing & selection.

Jan 21
4 Key Steps to Building Your First Recruiting Analytics Dashboard

A recap of the key steps and a few resources to help you get started with your first recruiting analytics dashboard.

Dec 10
There’s No ‘I’ in Team: Building and Scaling with a Team of One

In this discussion, we will share best practices about maximizing time and impact for a 1-person team to build the foundation for University Programs or new program initiatives.

Jul 10
Employer Brand Strategy Overview

Learn how to build, execute, and scale a talent brand strategy. Included are tools that help building out an employer branding strategy.

Jul 10
New Recruiter On-boarding Template

An 30/60/90 goal based onboarding template for new recruiters.

Mar 23
Considerations For Launching A Remote Internship Program

Before you decide run a remote internship program, here are considerations to keep in mind.

Mar 19
Tips For Managing Remote Interns

Managing remote interns requires extra consideration to ensure the quality of the internship remains high