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May 10
How Shifting Workforce Talent Pipelines across Education and Industry Is Impacting the Future of Work

Join a panel featuring Farouk Dey, Vice Provost for Integrative Learning at Johns Hopkins University, Gino Rooney, Co-founder CEO of Classet and OneReq Founder Wahab Owolabi in a discussion moderated by Carmela Escarez on "How Shifting Workforce Talent Pipelines across Education and Industry is impacting the Future of Work".

May 10
How AI is Reshaping Recruiting at the Entry Points of the Workforce

From URx Conference 2024. This panel brings together industry experts to delve into the transformative impact of AI on recruiting strategies, focusing specifically on entry-level positions.

May 10
Navigating Tomorrow’s Talent: Exploring the Future of Early Talent Recruiting

From URx Conference 2024. This session unpacks the future of early talent recruiting and shares insights to help organizations thrive in the evolving talent acquisition landscape.

May 10
Unlocking Gen Z Talent: What New Data on Candidates Means for Fall Recruitment

From URx Conference 2024. RippleMatch shares the latest data trends and benchmarks from their platform on Gen Z candidates and the recruitment landscape.

May 10
It’s Giving Maximum Returns: 3 Key Features Needed to Turn Interns into FTE

From the URx Conference 2024. Rewriting the Code has identified three high-impact features companies can leverage to maximize the internship experience, leading to increased acceptance of return offers and positive representation among their GenZ peers.

May 10
Your Guide to Recruiting the Class of ‘25

From URx Conference 2024. Who’s ready for the Class of ‘25? CodePath draws results from original research and insight to share the latest and greatest on how early career recruiting teams can reach, source, engage, and ultimately hire the next generation of tech talent, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds.

May 06
The Impact of AI on Software Development & What it Means for Assessing & Recruiting Software Engineers

From the 2024 URx Conference. Watch HackerRank Founder & CEO Vivek Ravisankar give insights into how the role & assessment of software engineers has evolved and what it will look like in the future when considering AI.