What is the Community Partner Page?

All our community partners get a dedicated page on the OneReq site to share more information about their brand, product and everything in between. Your page can also serve as a lead generation portal as interested visitors can email you directly. You can view examples of partner pages here.

What are Curated Events?

Curated events are exclusive events the OneReq team cohosts with you. The Community Partnership provides you with discounted pricing to curated events during the 12 month partnership.

Curated events can take a number of different forms based on your preference. This includes  webinars, demo, focus groups, panel discussion, and more. As a co-host you set the agenda, determine topic and speakers so each curated event is designed to deliver you maximum ROI. OneReq will co-host providing editorial, branding, and promotional support.

We partner with you to identify community member profiles to be invited to an exclusive discussion on a topic(s) of your choice;

OneReq will handle event invitation and logistics

OneReq will provide follow up and ask if interest in connecting with event host from Client

What kind of editorial support does OneReq provide?  

Included in your partnership is support form the OneReq team in reviewing blog drafts, content, event agendas, curating topics, vetting invite profiles and more.

For an additional cost, you can work with our brand storyteller and editorial team to draft articles and newsletter features as well as promotional material for your brand.

Are conference sponsorships included?

Absolutely! Our Community Partners receive a 20% discount across all of our Conference Sponsorships and exclusive access to our Title Conference Sponsorship Level.

How many people typically attend OneReq events?

We host multiple in person events ranging in size from 300 - 500+ person conferences to 30 - 60 person meetups. Our virtual events are also popular and on average our Community Calls attract 50 - 80 attendees.

Are all events virtual? 

No, we have begun hosting events in person once again. As a sponsor you have the option of choosing between in-person or virtual events.

How often can Community Partners post content on the OneReq Website?

Community Partners can post content on the Evergreen Blog once every 4 weeks.

What kind of content can I post on the OneReq website?  

OneReq content focusses on providing tactical resources  & insights for our community members. The best content are how-to docs, templates, guides, and research that community members can leverage in their day to day work.

What is the Evergreen Article?

This is a single feature article that you can produce announcing your partnership. It is a great opportunity to position your company with the community and give folks an insight into what you have to offer. We then feature this article across our social channels and the newsletter. You have the option of working with our brand storyteller to write this.

What can I share in the sponsor update?

Every month and every quarter we request updates and announcements from you to share with the community. Whether or not you you provide any content for either, we post in our slack, newsletter, and social media link to your listing on our website. This is a great opportunity to share funding news, new product releases, or any general promotions you may have.

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