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Navigating Clubhouse – Technical Recruiters Edition

What is the new hype of recruitment on Clubhouse (CH)? Jobseekers and recruiters describe CH as the never ending career fair. Since there are many new and untapped capabilities that employers can explore on CH, your recruitment team can be a pioneer on the audio-based beta app. By joining the workshop, you will learn from how recruiters are currently navigating CH and actionable takeaways on how you can recruit prospective candidates!
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Moderator Highlights

  • Clubhouse is an app-based platform for iPhone users that has been helpful during the pandemic to connect with a diverse group of job-seekers. 
  • Jasmine provided amazing resources for getting started with Clubhouse: who to follow, what groups to join, which rooms are helpful for recruiters, etc. 
  • Jasmine has felt that Clubhouse has strengthened her relationships with candidates by connecting with them before putting them through the recruiting process. 

About The Speaker

Jasmine Nuñez is a proud Latina who is crafting her career path to be a trailblazer in the talent-space. She graduated from CUNY Queens College with a B.A. in Media Studies. Her strong involvement with student organizations helped her secure 5 internships (including in Recruitment and D&I). Her proudest accomplishment is co-founding a career development non-profit for CUNY freshmen and sophomores, called Diverse Influencers. As an extrovert and power networker, she has grown obsessed with virtual networking opportunities (especially Clubhouse). Most of Jasmine’s free time is dedicated to the career development of underrepresented students who are exploring a field within business or technology. She also loves her baby bunny (Bad Bunny) and pet cat (Piña).

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