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Sustaining Buy-In for Your Early Talent Programs

Trying to convince your CHRO or VP of Talent to continue supporting your early talent program, regardless of COVID or recession? Watch this URx Roundtable session to learn just that from experienced leaders - Richard Cho, Chief Recruiting Officer at Gem, and Emil Yeargin, VP of Talent at Gusto.

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Many companies, particular in tech, are scaling back their hiring plans and reducing staff in order to combat economic uncertainty stemming from inflation, rising interest rates, and the pandemic. Unfortunately, companies tend to also cut down their early talent budgets and cancel their internship programs. 

In such times, how can you convince your Head of Talent and leadership team to continue supporting your early talent program, regardless of the economic climate? We co-hosted a URx Roundtable to help you do just that! The panel featured Richard Cho, Chief Recruiting Officer at Gem, and Emil Yeargin, VP of Talent at Gusto, who shared their knowledge and expertise on how to sustain buy-in for early talent programs and think long term about growing talent pools.


Don’t have time to watch? Read the 5 key takeaways here.

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