OneReq Summit: DEI in Recruiting

OneReq Summit: DEI in Recruiting is an event series that brings together Talent leaders and recruiting teams to address the most common barriers to DEI. Through impact-oriented keynotes and panels, you’ll learn best practices for reaching beyond boundaries to develop your recruiting team’s DEI competencies.

Extending the Hiring Bar

Corporations are holding themselves under a DEI microscope looking to diagnose issues and create change within their organizations. The attention typically starts with recruiting, where we need to rethink the way we approach hiring bars if we are to drive any meaningful change.

Ideas and Tips for Closing Early Career Candidates

As we enter the peak of fall recruitment season, early career recruiters are pivoting from focusing on initial engagement to forming their strategy around hiring and retention. With internship and entry level hires, there are often several months between a candidate’s offer and their start date. There are also other circumstantial factors that affect early career hires, including inexperience with the hiring process, relocation needs, competing offers, and much more.

How to Build Community and Engagement Among Your Summer Interns

Whether your internship program is in-person, remote, or hybrid, building community among your interns can be challenging. That’s why we’ve joined forces with our partner RippleMatch to provide you with data-backed tips and best practices for fostering intern engagement.

2021 URx Award Winners

At URx Forward 2021 launched the first URx Awards and had the opportunity to recognize 5 amazing early career talent professionals who were nominated and selected by their peers and the students they served.

Beyond the Events: Running a Successful Structured Intern Program

Events are a big part of Intern and New Grad programs, but there’s a lot more that makes a program successful – especially in the time of Covid! Join a panel to learn about different approaches to structured programs, including things like evaluations, partnership with managers, and conversion offers.

Building a Virtual Internship Program

Covid-19 created an unprecedented situation around the globe that forced many individuals to abruptly transition from a traditional office environment into a completely virtual and distributed system. Hear from the Splunk team on how they transitioned to hosting a fully virtual internship program.

Recruiting The COVID-Era Young Professional

How Top Employers are Recruiting and Retaining – The Next Generation of Talent. Watch URx21 Sponsor, RippleMatch, lead an Interactive session on how the past year, COVID-19 has changed what students are looking for in their first jobs and internships.

Virtual Fall OCRs…Again

Virtual info sessions, career fairs, workshops and interviews. Hear from Hubspot, KraftHeinz, Lyft and Robinhood on how they managed virtual OCRs in 2020 and what they have planned for fall 2021.

Building Talent Pipelines for Women of Color

Did you know only 7% of organizations have targeted efforts that focus on gender and race? Forward thinking organizations have an opportunity to be intentional in building the diversity pipeline by focusing on the intersectional experience. In this engaging program, Chelsea C. Williams, Founder & CEO of College Code, will support talent practitioners in building the talent pipeline for women of color through conscious candidate attraction, sourcing & selection.

Gen Z Talent and Remote Work – What Waterloo’s data is telling us

Join this session to hear the latest insights about how Gen Z has adapted to learning and working remotely during the pandemic. We will also share new data collected from students who worked for US organizations, highlighting trends related to recruitment, onboarding and overall student experience. Plus, hear directly from Waterloo co-op students about their remote work experiences.

Fireside Chat with April Curley

In a live conversation at URx Conference 2021 we discussed;

📍 April’s experience as a POC university recruiting professional focused on diversity recruiting.

💡 April’s perspective on diversity & HBCU recruiting strategy.

🌟 Whats next for April!

Building an Apprenticeship Program

Thinking of building an Apprenticeship Program? Hear from Airbnb, Blend, Novo Nordisk, Oscar Health and Robinhood as to how they built their programs.

Navigating Clubhouse – Technical Recruiters Edition

What is the new hype of recruitment on Clubhouse (CH)? Jobseekers and recruiters describe CH as the never ending career fair. Since there are many new and untapped capabilities that employers can explore on CH, your recruitment team can be a pioneer on the audio-based beta app. By joining the workshop, you will learn from how recruiters are currently navigating CH and actionable takeaways on how you can recruit prospective candidates!

Building a Diverse Workforce through Early Talent ID

Have you thought about building an early-ID program for freshman / sophomores but not sure where to start? Join the early talent team at IBM to hear how they successfully created a diversity focused early talent identification program, IBM Accelerate, from the ground-up. This session will focus on best practices when designing a new program, lessons learned and the importance of developing future talent early.

Recruiting the Rainbow

URx Conference 2021: Sourcing diverse talent is a challenge. LGBTQ+ talent is no exception. In many cases it can be more difficult to find these candidates due to stigma, fear and a lack of resources. In this presentation we will cover the best approaches to locating and utilizing LGBTQ+ talent pools to pull from a diverse group with intersectionality across race, gender identity, veteran status, age and more.

How to Innovate Campus Recruiting in the Brave New World

In this session, Tom Brunskill, CEO of Forage, will highlight the most innovative approaches to discovering early talent that Forage partners do very differently, so different that they were able to survive and thrive in 2020. Join this session to learn how you too can thwart disruption and ride the wave of transformation into the brave new world of early talent.

Programmatic Engineer Hiring – Doing More with Less

Moving from a reactive recruiting model to proactive during COVID-19 and unprecedented times for entry level Engineer roles. How to take a programmatic approach to creating a diverse candidate flow for hard to hire roles and backfilling attrition prior to having vacancies on a very low budget.

How Peloton Ensures Their Hiring Process is Fair

This session focuses on Peloton’s approach to DEI, and how they create a consistent hiring bar and establish a more inclusive candidate hiring process. We’ll discuss their top data points that help candidates build confidence in the company, why these data points are important, and examine fairness in assessments in more detail.

How we created an Inclusive Environment for our New Hires

Wanting to make sure you create an environment where your new hires feel supported and a sense of belonging? Hear from Revantage, Chevron, Twitter and USAA on how they’ve built an inclusive environment for their new hires.

Fostering the Intern & New Grad Community

Are you onboarding interns and new grads remotely this year? Hear from Symba, Datadog, Duolingo, Gusto and Shopify on how they’ve fostered the intern and new grad community.

Designing Batch Interview Days for Intern Hiring

The session will provide specific details, preparation, execution, and outcome summary of “sell/batch” interview day(s) that Zwift created to efficiently hire our Summer Zwifterns (Interns) into a 12-week program.

Lessons Learned from 2020: Large Companies

2020 was unprecedented for us all – learning new ways to recruit, engage, interview and onboard. Hear from Paypal, Adobe, eBay and Nordstrom on lessons they learned from 2020.

Creating an Engaging and Scalable Virtual Candidate Experience

2020 was a year of trial by (dumpster) fire. At Duolingo, we were forced to rethink how we engage with candidates in this new fully remote world. In a year full of chaos, we were determined to make Duolingo a bright moment in our candidates’ 2020 journey So, what did we do to make this a reality? We’ll be sharing our insights on how to create a high-touch candidate experience from application to offer in a fully remote environment.

What to Expect at URx Forward 2021

URx Forward is more than just a conference. It is a time for our community to come together. Here is what to expect at #URx21.

Recap: Q1 URx Community Call

We hosted the first Community Call of 2021 for URx (University Recruiting). We had over 100 members join! Below are a few discussion highlights and

Diversifying Pathways: 2021 Recruiting

Shanice Smith is a college student studying Emerging Media Technology at CUNY New York City College of Technology. Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to

2020 :: The Student Perspective

Keeping touch with the perspective of our candidates, in this case students is fundamental to making sound strategic & process decisions. Watch this session to stay in touch with the reality of those our decisions impact.

Early ID Programs for Sophomores

Early ID is more than a program, it’s a mindset. Join this session to hear about leveraging early ID programs to attract and secure talent as early as sophomore year.

URx Global Leaders Summit Keynote

Kelly Garcea, Co-Founder of Cappfinity & New York Times best selling author Lindsey Pollak will keynote the inaugural URx Global Leaders Summit sponsored by Cappfinity.

Batch Week Technical Interviewing In University Recruiting

One of the many joys of University Recruiting season is a big uptick in interview volume. This can lead to burnout amongst the engineers conducting the interviews, and we know cranky engineers make for bad candidate experiences! Using a batch week process can be a solution to interview overload.

Key Takeaways from our Benchmarking Report

As we head into the fall recruiting season, the URx Team decided to create a survey that would benchmark university recruiting programs, fall recruiting strategies, and intern & new grad compensation. Here’s some of the key takeaways from the data we collected in the survey.

Update: Our efforts supporting underrepresented talent impacted by the pandemic

Students, specifically those from underrepresented backgrounds have been facing uncertainty around their career prospects due to the pandemic. When we saw this, we decided to take action, laying out a roadmap for helping them navigate the uncertainty and create opportunity for themselves. We’ve been heads down working to execute and honor that commitment. I’d like to take a moment to give an update.

3 Key Strategies to Drive Candidate Engagement at Virtual Conferences

With the majority of conferences going virtual this year, driving booth traffic and meaningful candidate interactions has become more challenging than ever. Here are a few ways from Renee Davis, University Recruiting Manager at Duolingo, recommends to maximize your presence and engagement at virtual conferences this year!

Wrapping Up the Talent Development Program

Read to learn more about experiences of community leaders, students, and employers with the Talent Development Program, a series of workshops that provided students opportunities for professional development.

Community Spotlight: Bridget King

Continuing our Community Spotlights, we’re featuring Bridget King, a Talent Acquisition Manager, Early Professional Hiring at IBM and OneReq Community Engagement Lead.

Slack AMA with Jehron Petty

Catch up on our most recent Slack AMA and read highlights with Jehron Petty, CEO & Founder of ColorStack

Community Spotlight: Kimmy Lac

Introducing Community Spotlights, where we feature a member of our Talent Community! Today, we’re featuring our very own Social Media and Marketing Intern, Kimmy Lac.

Slack AMA with Charlene (Char) Delapena

We’re back for another Slack AMA recap. Last week, the URx Team featured Charlene (Char) Delapena, our very own Executive Director here at URx and Head of University Recruiting at Robinhood.

InternHacks Student Stories

The impact of InternHacks exceeded our expectations. 170 students representing over 20+ colleges made beautiful and impactful projects and we’re so proud of them!

Affirm University – An Open Letter

This letter isn’t to provide advice on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to university recruiting – it’s to showcase some of Affirm’s initiatives during this crazy, but fulfilling, season!

AMA With Brittni Lundie

We hosted our very first Slack AMA with Brittni Lundie! Brittni is a Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager at Uber based in San Francisco where she manages diversity and inclusion programs on the university team.

Recruiting Leadership in Uncertain Times

To close out Day 1 of URx Forward 2020 we were joined by Jill Macri and Adam Ward of Growth By Design Talent. Watch the conversation about the role recruiting plays in leading companies through uncertain times.

Reflecting on URx Forward

Motivational. Inspiring. Collaborative. These were a few of the goals we set out to accomplish when we decided to pivot our in-person conference to online.

Announcing InternHacks and URx Talent Development Program

There’s a saying in sports. “Go to where the puck is going to be, not where it is. The message is that if you go to where the puck is, when you get there it’s gone. We’re launching two programs to help students prepare today for opportunities tomorrow.

Managing Interns Remotely

Michele Tse moderates a timely panel discussion featuring recruiters at HBO, MongoDB, and Twitch discussing managing interns remotely.

Lessons learned supporting Underdog Students

The Wonsulting team has been helping thousands of students through career obstacles, whether it’s attending non-target schools, being from underrepresented groups, or having non-traditional backgrounds through Resume Revisions, LinkedIn Strategies, Interview Prep, and Job Opportunities.

Hiring The North

Thinking about hiring a Canadian, eh? Come to learn about the Canadian co-op landscape, how to navigate the campus process and how to build relationships with Universities

Innovative Opportunities for Employers to Engage on a Remote Campus

MATTHEW FRENCHAssistant Director, Employer Relations, University of North Carolina, CharlotteMIRIAM KARPILOWEmployer Relations, Career Services Center, University of San FranciscoNICOLE WRIGHTUniversity Recruiting Manager, GustoSTEPHANIE TYLERNational Director

Conducting Remote Interviews Successfully

Conducting Remote Interviews Successfully CAROLYNN CHOI, University Technical Recruiter, SquareINBAR GAM, University Recruiting Program Manager, DatabricksNURAY MOLLA, Sr. Recruiter, University Recruiting, TeslaPAUL BAUER, University Recruiter,

In Depth with the Head of Talent

Watch this panel from URx Forward 2020 featuring the Heads of Talent and Technical Recruiting at some of the worlds most innovative companies.

Creating A Culture of Inclusive Recruiting

Inclusive Recruiting is a culture that must be cultivated from RC to Head of Talent, watch a conversation between Kathy Gross, Director of Inclusion Recruiting

Referral Program Guide

Join the OneReq Community to access this content Community Membership gives you access to videos, downloads,  access to live digital events and more, as well

Announcing URx Forward

Announcing URx Forward a live online event bringing together our community to be connected, inspired, and prepared for whatever the new realities of recruiting hold for us.