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It’s Giving Maximum Returns: 3 Key Features Needed to Turn Interns into FTE

From the URx Conference 2024. Rewriting the Code has identified three high-impact features companies can leverage to maximize the internship experience, leading to increased acceptance of return offers and positive representation among their GenZ peers.

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Whether you want it or not, every intern is an Ambassador for your company. Fortunately, if they have an amazing experience, they’ll tell their peers. Unfortunately, if they have a poor experience…. they’ll also tell their peers… and they also won’t come back. For a generation influenced by influencers, what can companies do to ensure their internship experience is positive, fulfilling, meaningful, and so rewarding that the intern not only comes back for FTE, but also recruits their friends to apply for roles with the company?

RTC will present data from our 2023 intern experience survey, which included 948 respondents from 200+ universities interning at over 400 companies. This data highlights key themes for cultivating a successful internship experience. This will be an interactive presentation with breakouts, where you can share successes and challenges and create actionable strategies. Leaving this session, you’ll be equipped with data and insights you can easily implement this summer and those that will contribute to a positive employer brand and fall recruiting cycle.

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