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Make AI Your Superpower

In this virtual OneReq Connect, hear from experts at Metaview, Replit, and Knoetic about how recruiters can leverage AI to supercharge efficiency and enhance the human aspects of hiring.
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AI presents a massive opportunity for top recruiters to become better than ever at what they do. In this live panel, we’ll go beyond the hype and explore practical tips for how you can make AI your recruiting superpower.  Jeremy Lyons will moderate a conversation with Siadhal Magos, co-founder & CEO of Metaview, Chase Johnson, Talent at Replit, and Lauren Dyas, Founding Recruiter at Knoetic to get their take on how to: 

      • Practically apply AI to your day-to-day recruiting processes

      • Leverage AI to automate manual tasks and supercharge your efficiency 

      • Use AI as a tool to enhance the human aspects of hiring

    Siadhal Magos

    Siadhal Magos

    Co-founder & CEO of Metaview

    Lauren Dyas

    Lauren Dyas

    Founding Recruiter @ Knoetic

    Chase Johnson

    Chase Johnson

    Talent @ Replit

    Jeremy Lyons

    Jeremy Lyons

    RecOps Community Lead @ OneReq

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