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With university recruiting season upon us, many organizations are looking for better ways to build a pipeline of diverse technical talent. We’ve put together our top five tips for creating a process that allows you to expand your reach to more non-traditional candidates and reduce bias, without compromising time-to-hire or creating a bottleneck.

The Q3 2021 URx University Recruiter Roundtable was co-hosted with our partners at Symba. Check out the key takeaways from the panels and breakout discussions on how teams track and measure success of their interns and intern programs.

In 2022, companies and recruiters are facing challenges in the financial macro environment just as they head into the fall recruitment season. How can you and your team creatively adapt to these changes (which could be affecting headcount, budget, team bandwidth, and more), and get ahead of the game?

Are you onboarding interns and new grads remotely this year? Hear from Symba, Datadog, Duolingo, Gusto and Shopify on how they’ve fostered the intern and new grad community.


OneReq Docs are Templates, Guides, and How To’s for recruiting professionals.

If you run an internship program you likely have received a request to extend the end date for an intern. This Doc is an outline and template on how to manage those requests.

Asana’s apprenticeship program provides opportunities to technical candidates from nontraditional and underrepresented backgrounds. And, it works—AsanaUP has a success rate of 82% when it comes to converting apprentices to full-time software engineering roles. Read what advice they have to offer other talent leaders looking to run a successful DE&I recruiting initiative.

Referrals can be a recruiting team’s best friend and arch nemesis. Check out this template for driving a referral program.