Category: URx Leaders Summit 2021

Dec 12
Team, Program & Strategy, OH MY! – Experiences as a First-Time Manager at a Small Company

From the URx Leaders Summit 2021 Managers Track. A lot goes into managing a UR team, add being a first time manager on top of that and it can become overwhelming. Join this conversation to gain some tips and insights on how to get through those first experiences.

Dec 12
Making DEI a Priority on Your Team

From the Leads track of URx Leaders Summit 2021. Join a conversation centering on making diversity equity and inclusion a priority on your team.

Dec 12
Weaving DEI into Every Piece of the Puzzle

From the Program Managers & Leads track of URx Leaders Summit 2021. A discussion featuring managers from MongoDB, Smartsheet, and Workday on how they ensure DEI is at a core of all they do.