Tag: Diversity Recruiting

Jun 02
Diversity 102: The Next Step in the Conversation

You’ve laid the foundation, you're committed to ambitious goals, now what? Join this…

Dec 13
In Conversation with HBCUs

A wide ranging conversation from the 2021 URx Leaders Summit on all things related to…

Oct 08
Extending the Hiring Bar

Corporations are holding themselves under a DEI microscope looking to diagnose issues…

May 26
Fireside Chat with April Curley

In a live conversation at URx Conference 2021 we discussed; 📍 April’s experience as a…

May 24
Building a Diverse Workforce through Early Talent ID

Have you thought about building an early-ID program for freshman / sophomores but not…

May 24
Recruiting the Rainbow

URx Conference 2021: Sourcing diverse talent is a challenge. LGBTQ+ talent is no…

May 24
How Peloton Ensures Their Hiring Process is Fair

This session focuses on Peloton’s approach to DEI, and how they create a consistent…

May 24
URx21: Student Panel featuring ColorStack and Rewriting the Code

A staple at every URx Conference, gain insights directly from the students you recruit.

Apr 07
URx Year 5 (Part 2)

Creating a New System for University and Early Career Recruiting. In part 1, I talked…

Dec 17
Diversifying Pathways: 2021 Recruiting

Shanice Smith is a college student studying Emerging Media Technology at CUNY New York…