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Leaders Summit

Our annual retreat for leaders in University & Emerging Talent Recruiting, Workforce & Talent Development, & Talent Management.

Navigating Life as an Emerging Talent Leader

Leaders Summit

A candid, open conversation about life as a UR Leader featuring leaders from Hubspot, Applied Materials, Nvidia, and Unity Technologies.
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Leading UR & Emerging Talent teams is hard. UR is the one recruiting function that requires expertise across all facets of talent acquisition, developing a brand for your program, creating efficient processes and operations, educating the business, capacity management of your team, sourcing strategies, xfn partnership with HR, Legal & Marketing to name a few. Coupled with the fact that you are the only one on the senior recruiting team that focuses on this, this is a job that has its share of hardships and can be isolating within your company. People in our profession are drawn to the meaningful impact we can have on our companies and society at large. Oftentimes being the engine that drives DEI at our companies. That said, this impact comes with sacrifices — constantly shifting headcount, inadequate budgets & staffing, choosing between exciting vs. stable opportunities, and everything in between. This panel of leaders will discuss their unique experienced any how they have navigated their journeys.

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