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Tag: CodeSignal

Jul 17

CodeSignal is an assessment platform for tech hires that provides a shared, real-time coding environment to predict a candidate’s skill, potential, and job performance.

Jul 19
5 strategies to Build a Pipeline of Diverse New Grad Talent

With university recruiting season upon us, many organizations are looking for better ways to build a pipeline of diverse technical talent. We’ve put together our top five tips for creating a process that allows you to expand your reach to more non-traditional candidates and reduce bias, without compromising time-to-hire or creating a bottleneck.

May 10
From Student to Superstar: Perspectives on How to Find Your Next Great Technical Hire

In this URx Conference 2022 featured discussion, we bring together perspectives from a Dean of a College of Engineering, recruiter, and engineering manager to share insights on how the broader hiring team can improve their process. 

Apr 16
Keys to Strong Partnerships between Recruiting and Engineering Leadership

From the OneReq Summit: DEI In Recruiting. A deep dive into the critical partnership between Engineering & Recruiting. Featuring Mamuna Oladipo, VP of Product, Shopify | Tigran Sloyan, Co-Founder & CEO, CodeSignal

Feb 25
5 Strategies for Running a Successful DE&I Recruiting Initiative

Asana’s apprenticeship program provides opportunities to technical candidates from nontraditional and underrepresented backgrounds. And, it works—AsanaUP has a success rate of 82% when it comes to converting apprentices to full-time software engineering roles. Read what advice they have to offer other talent leaders looking to run a successful DE&I recruiting initiative.

Dec 13
Creating a Better Early Career Technical Recruiting Process

From the leaders track of the 2021 URx Leaders Summit. CodeSignal’s CEO Tigran Sloyan leads a conversation with three expert early career recruiters, Cindy Loggins, Nadia Abouzaid, as they discuss how you can create a process that meets today’s changing requirements, builds connections with potential applicants, and surfaces the candidates with the most promising skills--rather than “top tier school” credentials.