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Resources for University Recruiting Teams In Response to COVID-19

Any successful recruiting program should have a balance of both in-person and virtual recruiting strategies.

COVID-19 is forcing recruiting teams to overhaul their plans. Interview processes, internship programs, and onboarding experiences must now either go completely virtual or be prepared to do so in the future. 

While this is a difficult time for a lot of recruiting teams, it is also an opportunity to build a virtual recruiting strategy. As with any sudden change, communication is key. Any shift in strategy requires that all stakeholders are looped in. Be sure to connect early and often with company leadership, your broader recruiting team, HR, Finance, Legal, IT, and individual hiring managers. Communicate with candidates regularly — even if the update is that there’s no update yet. Remember to lead with empathy and assume the positive intent of all stakeholders involved.

We know that any successful recruiting program should have a balance of both in-person and virtual recruiting strategies. To support you during this time, we have compiled advice and resources from our community. If you would like to get a sense of what other companies are doing, take our COVID-19 Benchmark & Shared Practices Survey. The survey closes Wednesday, March 25 at 12pm PST.  

Taking your Internship Program Remote

General Info & Benchmarking

General Recruiting Resources 

Looking for more support? Join our free Slack Community and connect with other recruiters working through these challenges. We’ll be updating this post as we go; email with any resources you would like to see added. Shoutout to Yuliya Mykhaylovska, University Talent at Greylock Partners, for helping me curate and edit this post!

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