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Tag: Candidate Experience

Jan 12
4 Tips to Creating a Candidate-First Experience

A Checklist for Reducing Early-Career Turnover

Oct 15
Designing an Effective Keep Warm Strategy

Keeping in touch with your early-career candidates doesn’t have to be overwhelming: with the right technology and a focused strategy, you can ensure your candidates have the best possible experience with your organization.

May 18
Creating an Engaging and Scalable Virtual Candidate Experience

2020 was a year of trial by (dumpster) fire. At Duolingo, we were forced to rethink how we engage with candidates in this new fully remote world. In a year full of chaos, we were determined to make Duolingo a bright moment in our candidates’ 2020 journey So, what did we do to make this a reality? We’ll be sharing our insights on how to create a high-touch candidate experience from application to offer in a fully remote environment.