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Tag: URx Leaders Summit

Feb 25
A Candid Discussion on Moving an Industry Forward

Featuring OneReq & URx Founder Wahab Owolabi & Chris Motley, Founder of Mentor Spaces a candid discussion on the early career industry & the role URx Leaders can play in moving the industry forward.

Feb 25
Products & Tools: Identifying the necessary from the luxury

An in depth look at the marketplace of tools available for UR Leaders. On this panel we will explore the options across all aspects of a program and how to identify the needs vs wants of your program

Feb 24
Owning Your Influence as a Recruiting Leader

An in-depth conversation with two phenomenal Heads of Talent, Felice Ajlouny & Richard Cho on how UR leader can position yourself within your companies recruiting team to drive maximum results and advance your career.

Jan 20
Leading through Change

From the 2022 URx Leaders Summit. RippleMatch CEO Andrew Myers is joined by the UR Leadership team from Amplitude to discuss how they are leading their team and evolving their strategy in the light of the market slowdown.

Jan 20
Leveraging Candidate Data & Community Insights in student recruiting

From the 2022 URx Leaders Summit. Community Partner Rewriting the Code on How community insights helped eBay score the winning bid with student recruiting.

Dec 13
Building Teams and Strategies for Long-Term Success

The Featured Keynote at the 2021 URx Leaders Summit. RippleMatch CEO Andrew Myers sits down with four leaders crafting the future of their programs. Featuring leaders from eBay, Anheuser Busch, and Chewy.

Dec 13
Creating a Better Early Career Technical Recruiting Process

From the leaders track of the 2021 URx Leaders Summit. CodeSignal’s CEO Tigran Sloyan leads a conversation with three expert early career recruiters, Cindy Loggins, Nadia Abouzaid, as they discuss how you can create a process that meets today’s changing requirements, builds connections with potential applicants, and surfaces the candidates with the most promising skills--rather than “top tier school” credentials.

Dec 13
Key Learnings from Past Internship Programs to Make Effective Changes and Improvements

Symba Co-Founder Ahva Sadeghi leads a conversation on internship program design featuring panelists from Waymo and Robinhood. Learn how you can unravel key learnings from your past year's program to make effective changes and improvements for a successful new internship season.

Dec 13
Strategies and Roadblocks to Winning Over Next-Gen Talent

From the 2021 URx Leaders Summit Leaders Track. Kate Beckman, Exec. Manager of Community & Insights at RippleMatch leads a conversation with Elizabeth Diley, Campus Talent Acquisition Leader at General Mills, and Monique Aristy, Global Head of University Recruiting at Confluent for on how to attract and retain Gen Z talent.

Dec 13
Building a World Class University Recruiting Team

From the 2021 URx Leaders Summit Leaders Track. Char Delapena leads a conversation on building a work class team. Featuring Grace Williams (Palo Alto Networks), Jenn Gustin (AppHarvest), Larrishia Stanley (Gilead Sciences), William Chichester (Peloton).