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Key Takeaways from our Benchmarking Report

As we head into the fall recruiting season, the URx Team decided to create a survey that would benchmark university recruiting programs, fall recruiting strategies, and intern & new grad compensation. Here’s some of the key takeaways from the data we collected in the survey.

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Update: Our efforts supporting underrepresented talent impacted by the pandemic

Students, specifically those from underrepresented backgrounds have been facing uncertainty around their career prospects due to the pandemic. When we saw this, we decided to take action, laying out a roadmap for helping them navigate the uncertainty and create opportunity for themselves. We’ve been heads down working to execute an honor that commitment. I’d like to take a moment to give an update.

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Templates, Guides & More​

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3 Key Strategies to Drive Candidate Engagement at Virtual Conferences

With the majority of conferences going virtual this year, driving booth traffic and meaningful candidate interactions has become more challenging than ever. Here are a few ways from Renee Davis, University Recruiting Manager at Duolingo, recommends to maximize your presence and engagement at virtual conferences this year!

Wrapping Up the Talent Development Program

Read to learn more about experiences of community leaders, students, and employers with the Talent Development Program, a series of workshops that provided students opportunities for professional development.